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Broken Rungs Yet I Climbed

As readers delve into the pages of this book, they will discover indispensable messages of strength and healing power. This book is sure to inspire hope and encourage readers that with faith and determination they can rise above potentially crippling life events. There

needs to be a place for this book on everyone’s nightstand! 

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Emotional Trauma In School:
Cause, Effect, Cure 

School is supposed to be a safe space for learning. However, many educators, having been abused themselves as children, perpetuate a vicious abuse cycle without even realizing it. This book will provide vital insight for educators to understand and change abusive behavior toward their young charges which will help make schools a safe place again for our children. 

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Therapeutic Application of Biblical Principles for Overcoming Emotional Trauma

This book is the companion to Emotional Trauma in School: Cause, Effect, Cure.  It provides thoughtful insight into emotional abuse and practical suggestions using Bible teachings to assist in healing.  


“With a steady command of biblical passages and an assortment of tailored activities and reflective questions, Patton expertly helps victims transform into survivors.” 


_Kirkus Reviews 

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