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Yet I Climbed

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Emotional Trauma in School
Cause, Effect, Cure
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Therapeutic Application of Biblical Principles for Overcoming Emotional Trauma
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Dr. Patton’s book is a story of triumph even in the midst of various life valleys or challenges. Her Christ centered approach to dealing with life gives one a strong sense of faithful focus on the power of prayer and healing.
As she shared the story of her granddaughter passing away, I was able to see Jeremiah 29:11 (one of my favorite scriptures) in a clearer light after my own personal loss.
I highly recommend her book for it gives you strength, encouragement, a bit of humor and a map for handling life- prayer does change things! God’s Will is so perfect. Thank you Dr. Patton for sharing your story.

- Meiam323

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book by Dr. Mary Patton. She took you through her life story with humor and seriousness, something that is sometimes difficult for an author to pull off successfully and still keep the reader engaged. I couldn't put the Kindle version down; read the book in about 3 days. Her story touched my spirit and at times I could envision things from my own life that resonated within her story. Her story shows how with just a little bit of faith and tenacity one can be resilient and ingenious in surviving the things life throws at you. This is truly a must-read! Dr. NRG

- DocG

Broken Rungs, Yet I Climbed portrays how the author defied statistical odds to ascend from a destitute child of sharecropping parents in the South up a tedious, hazardous ladder to success. As backdrops to escort her reader through a lifetime of experiences, Dr. Patton uses chronologically-arranged broken rungs on her ladder to reveal how the Almighty enabled her ascension. She validates her story with significant occurrences and laces them with Scripture-based accounts of how God orchestrated her maneuver around each broken rung. She adeptly documents how each landing brought lessons that increased her faith and ultimately brought her closer to an understanding of God and, more importantly, His will.

- Dr. Gist



Mary G. Patton, PhD

Mary G. Patton, PhD is an author, speaker, and professional life coach who is passionately committed to healing the hurt of those impacted by the residual effects of emotional trauma. She has written three books: Emotional Trauma in School: Cause Effect Cure, Therapeutic Application of Biblical Principles for Overcoming Emotional Trauma, and Broken Rungs Yet I Climbed. Her academic background and experience also include PhD degree in Education Counseling, Masters degree in Counseling Psychology, over 35 years of work experience which includes classroom teacher, professional school counselor, Christian psychotherapist, and small business owner. Dr. Mary is listed in the International Who’s Who of Professionals and has been presented with numerous certificates and awards for outstanding service rendered to the community. She developed and directed a Healing Hearts ministry which provided hope and healing to a vast number of people who were suffering emotionally.

Dr. Mary is an inspirational speaker who empowers her audiences with knowledge and skills to achieve spiritual growth and personal development. She has been sought out to speak at cancer support group meetings, Christian workshops, conferences, and women's retreats in the U.S. and Canada, and has been featured in magazines and on  radio programs. She’s a wife, mother of two, grandmother of five minus one, and great grandmother of one.

Dr. Mary currently serves her local church as a volunteer with several ministries, is active with her local AARP chapter, writes, speaks, and offers professional life coaching services to fulfill her passion to heal the hurt from emotional trauma. 

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